Kiss Me

First I would like to do a huge shout-out to Calypso Sparrowtree (of Sparrowtree Studios Poses) for being such an awesome store owner and designer. I recently snagged her Candy Cane 3 hunt prize but it was missing it’s tattoo layer! Oh no! lol 🙂 So I wrote out a quick NC and sent it to her (which is what anyone should do when they have a problem instead of just bitching about it in a group or on a blog ugh people). I logged out for a couple hours and when I got back I had a very apologetic message from her with the tattoo and a couple of goodies. I absolutely love any designer that is willing to help their customers out and doesn’t take on a “oh well, sucks to be you” attitude. Ok now on to the photo!

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile Claire – Chocolate
Outfit: Barbie Princess Xmas Gift Set
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc Minty Fresh
Prop, Tattoo & Pose: Sparrowtree Studio 

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