days gone by

I really miss being a kid. Playing bike tag during the day 
and flashlight tag at night. Skinning and banging up
every part of my body. Playing the original Nintendo.
No mortgages, car payments or job. 
R.L Stine & Christopher Pike books.
The first and only time in my life it 
snowed in Florida. Always getting my birthday off 
from school because of a hurricane lol. Yay September babies!
And most of all my grandpa still being around
to pick me up from school to take me to the beach and
to tell me stories from when he was a kid.
Yep, that would be my only wish. To go back and relive
it all over again. To spend more time with the people that
aren’t here today. To not make the same mistakes again.

Hair: Wasabi Pills Betty – Golden (Fameshed)
Top: AUX Spring Halter – Violet (C88)
Bracelets: Left – Loki Wristband
Right – Sleeping Koala Yippy Bands
Pants: Elate Elle Jeans – Dark Denim
Hula Hoop & Pose: Poise (Pose Fair)

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