Khaleesi Twisted

There’s a new blog challenge out by Liliana Aluveaux called
The Character Twist Challenge. This first week is Viserys & Daenerys 
Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I’ve been planning on trying to forge 
together a Khaleesi post for awhile now. And this gave me the perfect 
opportunity. However there is a twist involved. I kept racking my brain about what it should be. Maybe a business woman? I mean she basically is one on the show. A club ho? lol But then I found this outfit from Valentina E. Couture and everything just came together. Futuristic Pirate! I could still wear Emo-tions new Semiramis II in Snow and grabbed MayFly’s Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in Deep Majorelle. The last item to find was this pose from Ploom called Danger. And yea I feel like a total bad ass.

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