My New Bungalow

Barnesworth Anubis has come out with this amazing Santa Barbara Bungalow for Home & Garden Expo 2013.

I normally don’t do a lot of house & furniture posts but I just loved this so much I had to.



The house by itself is only 65 Prims! Which is amazing since my prim allowance is less than 300.

This is also my first house with a bathroom lol.

To go with the house I also bought the wood picket fence kit. Each section is around 5 prims each and copyable so you can make however big of a fence you want.

A retro living room set is available along with a bedroom with adult animations or PG for the faint of heart.

Everything you sent on has some really cute poses and gives you props as well.

The living room set is a total of 31 prims for 13 pieces and the bedroom is 14 prims for 6 pieces.


ba2 ba3 ba4 ba6


There’s a small patio area in the back with another fireplace as well.



Also I’m wearing:

Exile – All Over You

Mons Make-Up Eyeshadow Foggy

Somnia Velveteen Dress – Red (100 Block)

Virtual Insanity Mesh Square Nails – 123 Piano (Zodiac)

Shoes: DECO Sequined Heels – Onyx

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