look at that view

The Arcade is open again! And although I’m banned (cries), that doesn’t stop me from sending a little minion out to get me my goodies or hitting up the yardsales. Which is where I got this cute little dress and backpack from Tee*fy. I’ve been somewhat annoyed lately with SL and my computer lately. SL keeps eating my inventory and crashing, and my computer is running too damn slow and is taking too damn long to open up web pages. When I opened up the box for the dress, SL ate half the sizes and I had to make do with what was left. Luckily all I had to do was tweak with the boobies a lil, and you can’t even see them anyway lol. Oh well, maybe you’ll see them in another day. **winks**


Hair: Wasabi Pills Lory – Golden (Arcade)

Dress: Tee*fy Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress – Aztec (Arcade)

Backpack: Leather-Made Goat Head – Sunny Desert (Arcade)

Bracelet: *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet – Pattern Blue (Arcade)

Pose: Glitterati Back Up


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