Meet My Friend!


Berry’s new challenge has us blackmailing one our friends to pose and answer a bunch of questions. My friend Eeva helped me out and I had a blast asking her a bunch of randomness. So here goes (BTW I’m a total spaz and exited out the IM box and lost the whole convo so had to write it all down from memory. Thank god for acting classes and having to memorize scripts):

Ready for some nosy questions?

Trix: How did you first learn of SL?
Eeva: in 2008 I saw an episode on MTV about sl and nervous performers
Trix: i remember that episode but didn’t see it tl after i joined
Eeva: so i went to the website and joined right then to see what it’s all about

Trix so 2008, what do you think makes your keep logging in?
Eeva: the people and the barbie aspect of it all
Trix: i used to make my barbies have sex…
Eeva: i only have one

Trix: but now you have like 5? how many alts do you have?
Eeva: lol you guess it, i have 5 that I use most often, but i have some others that don’t have tragically unorganized inventories

Trix: So where do you like shopping with them?
Eeva: Events & sales usually to keep the lindens down but when I do pay full price I like to shop at Gos, Mandala, mesh hair, really mesh anything. Depends on what look I’m going for.
Trix: And how do you make your lindens?
Eeva: The oldest profession known to mankind and on an alt.

Trix: So what’s the weirdest thing anyones ever asked you?
Eeva: When I first started SL, I went where everyone goes to a sex sim, an some guy overheard someone ELSE asked me “So you like snuff?”
Trix: ewww lol
Trix: and yea “someone else” *cough cough*
Eeva: I couldn’t believe someone would IM me that, but years later it’s pretty tame now.
Eeva: I’ve also had some noob guy ask me “do you like the smell of penis?
Trix: now you have me thinking about what a penis smells like
Eeva: it’s like putting butterscotch schnapps in cupcake batter (accidental IM meant for someone else)
Trix: lol what?
Eeva: i made butterscotch cupcakes
Eeva: don’t put the foodie thing in there
Trix: you better bring me one
Trix: and yes it is, too funny
Eeva: let’s get back to the questions

Trix: We met on the Jersey Shore Sim for Grenade Free Wednesday like 2 years ago. Did you know when we met that we would be besties or that I was just some weirdo? lol
Eeva: i thought you were a weirdo at first, but you looked like a female made avatar and weren’t trying to use a bad pick up line on me
Trix: umm thanks, i guess
Eeva: And you didn’t stand me up when we met at the bar.
Trix: Yea my bf sucks at stand up comedy
Eeva: No Comments
Trix: Uh huh

Trix: so do you have any other family/friends from RL in SL?
Eeva: i have you and a couple more, and some others that I want to meet in RL. I got my RL sister addicted to it too.

Trix: And last questions: Will you come over to play Monopoly with me? The boys won’t play with me since I knocked the board over when I lost.
Eeva: lol not right now it’s always 2am. We’ll save board game night for another night.

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