Zodiac Meme




It’s time for another Berry Meme! And yes I do need to catch up again.  And this one is about my favorite topic: Astrology! I used to do Birth Charts for all my family and friends although I haven’t done one in a long time since it takes a lot of time to put one together.


What is your birthday and/or Zodiac sign? – My birthday is September 14th.. yay Virgos!

Do you believe in or follow astrology? – I do believe in it but I don’t base what I do on it. I don’t follow it everyday but I do like to find out about the coming year.

Do you feel your sign’s attributes reflect who you are? – To a degree yes. I am very stubborn and a bit of a perfectionist. But definitely not a neat-freak. I do agree with this website though I can be very cold (and calculating) toward people I don’t like.

Have you ever been to a psychic or astrologer either in RL or in SL (are there any in SL?) Nope but have always wanted to go get my palms read.. I don’t do tarot.. I asked one too many questions one time and got an answer that  unfortunately came true. So I don’t screw with it anymore. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Do you read your horoscope daily and try to follow any advice, recommendations or warnings it may have for you that day? Not anymore, I haven’t since I was a teenager.

Do you have very strong feelings about astrology, either negative or positive? Not really.. I do believe a persons sign can give insight into their mind. But everyone is different. Not everything holds true to each person.

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