Still catching up on Berry’s memes. But wanted to share my newest photo first. I’ve just started watching Sons of Anarchy a couple weeks ago but am already absolutely in love with it. Seeing as how the 6th season premiere is tonight I decided to bring my love to SL. I wanted to style my malt after Jax Teller but after not finding any suitable hair styles ended up just going with the feel of a SAMCRO brother and his old lady. I hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as I loved putting it together. 🙂 And now onto the memes. It’s another double-team of questions today about my very small inventory and groups list.

What is your current inventory number? – 17,432

If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – My skin. That’s the base for everything.

What is the last thing you purchased? – the SAMCRO Reaper tank top in the pic 

Which item do you wear most often? – Mayfly Mesh Eyes in Twilight Steel Shadow are a constant

When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? – honestly none, why would i need one?

Have you reached the 42 group limit? – A few times but am currently at 38

Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of? I used to but not anymore.

What makes you want to join a group? How many notices are sent out. I don’t want a hundred a day but atleast one a week, and a good amount of members only promos.

A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees? – I don’t mind as long as there are monthly group gifts and discounts. I’ve never paid over L100 though for a group. I usually try to get in when there’s a free join promo.

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