Let’s play… pirates!


So I’ve been wanting to blog more but I’ve hit a snag. I lost my job about a month ago now due to health issues and no money equals no lindens unfortunately lol Luckily I still had about a 1000L  and I hit up the new Fantasy Gacha to grab Alchemy’s new pirate wench outfit. I think it is so adorable but did have a couple thoughts on it. Both of the alphas that came with it took out the sides of my thighs and that’s just not the kind of thigh gap I can get behind. And also I know gachas are about luck and odds but it would have been nice if the dresses and accessories were two different gachas for 100L a pop. But other than that, the dress is absolutely beautiful and very well made with being able to see all the WIPs on Plurk and Flickr. And I was pleasantly surprised that along with the dress came the hat and eye patch.I paired it with Tableu Vivant’s Francis Hair from the now closed Hair Fair and Cheeky Pea and !Bang’s sword pose also from the fantasy gacha fair.

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