computer specs meme!

beachin' it

  1. Share any of your computer specs (video card, memory, etc..)Click here if you don’t know any of those things or just share the year you bought it. So I know nothing about computer hardware at all. I can repeat what I have, but it might as well be in Simlish lol So here we go. I have Windows 7. The processor is a AMD Athlon II X4 2.60 GHz, RAM is 4 GB and my video card is a GEForce. Don’t know which one or whatever but it gets the job done. 
  2. Which viewer do you use most often? – Firestorm only.It’s been years since I’ve used the official viewer and I remember when I first started playing SL I used Snowglobe if anyone remembers that lol
  3. What is your FPS (Frames Per Second) when you have your graphics on ultra? When taking pictures (ultra graphics. all shades and shadows) my fps is around 35.
  4. How often does Second Life crash for you? Is it usually just a viewer crash or your whole system crashes? What are you usually doing at the moment of the crash? Well back when I first came on SL I only had a laptop and it was constantly crashing due to overheating. However since my last computer and this one I’ve barely crashed at all. Sometimes my screen will freeze and “the program is non-responsive” but it’s usually just tricking me and as soon as I go to quit program SL will start working again.
  5. Do you know of any tips or tricks in the settings that would improve performance? Not really other than turning draw distance down and always clearing cache on a regular basis. Also particles.. I always turn particles off mainly cause they’re annoying to me, but also it helps me with lag usually.


Hair: Exile Rising Tides Light Reds Pack @ Uber

Swimsuit: [free bird] Embroidered Bandeau Bikini in White @ The Co-op

Pose: .mien. summertime @ The Co-op

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