nothing left of yesterday


There’s still a couple days left to play for this amazing dress and cloak from Les Encantades at the 30L Midwinter Fair. Yes that means it’s only 30L a play! Hurry get over there now!

Hair: +Spellbound+ SweetDreams – Natural Ombres & Dips 5

Tiara: *LE* Eira Jewelry – Rare

Dress & Cloak: *LE* Eira  – Topaz

Pose: [KoKoLoReS] Maiden Gift (We ❤ RP Christmas Gift)

Talk Nerdy To Me


I wanted to show off a new (to me) store today. PinkRayne’s HOLY SHIrT! is just the right mix of geeky, cute and sexy. Not to mention Pink is one of the nicest and sweetest lady you could ever talk to. As soon as I was handed todays new release it just screamed to me Bad Teacher! Unfortunately there’s not many schools in SL to take nice photos in. The one’s for kid avi’s are only for family RP usually and the sex ones, well atleast half the time I’m being hit on and bumped humped into. So I decided to do what any good girl would do and just go home. Nothing’s open after midnight except hospitals and legs, right?

Hair: Analog Dog Val – Splash (Free! Look for the bright green vendors.)

Glasses: {Nerdology} Nerdy Glasses – White (Gacha in store)

Septum Ring: MONS/MESH Septum Ring Style 15 – Black

Dress: HOLY SHIrT! Shirt Dress – Argyle (New Release)

Tattoo: *PerveTTe* Tattoo – Lock Garter

Shoes: {Livalle} Page – Low Platform Pumps – Cherry

Pose: {poppet} love watching her leave

Sign: Culprit – Talk Nerdy To Me (Kittycats Advent Gift)

Assembly Line


We are, we are more then our scars

We are, we are more than the some of our parts


This wasn’t my best year by far. After being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease and losing my job I wasn’t really in a christmas mood. I put up a bare tree (cats = no ornaments) and a wreath, but that was the extint of it. I obviously wasn’t going to be able to give any presents. So when I heard about RandomKindness on plurk I was super excited. I was able to nominate my best friend for a surprise gift card thankfully. And for myself I sent he/she a notecard for my christmas wish. I want to just be able to keep blogging. I didn’t exactly know what I was asking for. But what I got in return has been incredible. One of my gifts is a joint post shared with Caitlin Tobias. She has been amazing, helping me most of the day and giving me tips for my blog. Stuff that I haven’t thought of or just was to chicken to actually do but need to do.  We both have such different styles that at first it seemed kind of daunting to come up with something we could both post about then Caity suggested Vanessa Blaylock’s new challenge Avatar In A Box. And since I’m still in love with wearing my physique body I really wanted to be naked for it 😉

On Caitlin:

Body: The Mesh Project Body – DeLuxe
Skin (face): Glam Affair – Artemis Pearl – The Last Days 05 (event skin at Uber in September/November)
Skin applier for body: Glam Affair – Petal (from their mainstore)
Lipstick: (NO) High Definition – Red
Hair: Little Bones – Snow Spell I – in light blonde
Neck Tattoo: ‘Tangled web we weave’ by Little Pricks
Pubic hair: Tokyo Girl  – Bushy-style

Shape: by Caitlin Tobias (not available)

Box: .tarte. packing box 1

On Trixie:

Body: Slink Physique v1.4
Skin: Izzie’s Neva – Peach
Skin Applier: AMA Shattered
Hair: little bones Alien – ink Dipped
Make-Up: MONS Eyeliner Lux & BOOM Love My Eyes Liner/Mascara
Septum Ring: MONS Style 15 – Black

Shape: My own.

Pose: Double Take – With The Wind


Currently Listening to:


Blank Spaces


So I didn’t really want to go such long periods before posting but I was so afraid that my internet and electricity would be shut off any day now that I didn’t want to chance permanently coming back then having to leave again. Luckily I sat down with my mother and we figured out what we need to do. Unfortunately regardless of whether I’m healthy enough or not I have to go back to work, atleast part time anyway. As we all know blogging about fashion doesn’t pay the bills and I’m not creative enough to start making clothes. I’ll leave that up to the actual designers. Luckily for those broke bitches like me there has been a crazy amount of advents and gifts from some very awesome stores.

Hair: Damselfly Amarie – Light Reds (We ❤ Roleplay)

Headband: pr!tty Christmas Kitty (Gacha Mania)

Eye Shadow: #adored cruz shadow (Kittycats Advent Gift)

Nose Ring: :Moon Amore: Ukka Septum – Rodolfo (Gacha Mania)

Earring: Maxi Gossamer Black Sun – Gold (Kittycats Advent Gift)

Dress: *Tentacio* Leather Culture – White

Pose: oOo Studio Iced (Fifty Linden Friday)



It has been way too long since I posted naked.. well not really I’m always naked in my chair. Mental image! But I finally broke down and got myself Slink Physique and although I’m not entirely like “yeah this is the best thing since sliced bread” I am enjoying it. I still feel like we’re taking a step back because although the body is mesh, most of the clothes for it are just appliers. And now I see designers are making mesh to fit the new bodies, which means now we need to go into the hud and alpha out whatever body part we need to. And it did take me awhile to figure out how to get a tattoo to show up. I will admit however that I am very happy my tits and ass look like a normal human beings now.

Pose: Something New – Chandelier



I always fear that readers will cringe at my writing. I know some people hate when strangers will talk to you like they’ve known you your whole life, but that’s me. Example: I literally just met my sister’s husband a couple weeks ago and the first thing out of my mouth was “What’s up, bro?” I have no idea where I get it from, no one else I know speaks that way. Maybe it’s because I’m hoping I will eventually become friends with that person and acting like I’m already familiar with them helps it along? I don’t know. Is there a shrink in the house? Anyone? Oh well, I guess I should just… let it go? <snicker> huh? huh? Get it? Ok, fine. Tough crowd.


Hair: Truth Elyse – Black & Whites Pack

Earrings: Sn@tch Winter Trend Gift

Dress: Sn@tch Fawn Beaded Gown (Winter Trend)

Pose: *Everglow* Frost (Winter Trend)