SL Yearbook Challenge


Berry’s new challenge for us is to put together our SL Yearbook Photo. I decided to be a bit funny about mine since ya’ll know we all do this. I went to a very different High School than a lot of people I know. We were a very small alternative christian school, most everyone there had weird hair colors, piercings and tattoos even. We were heavily focused in the arts. I was in drama/choir all 3 years (I graduated a year early) and Student Council President. Most people are amused when they see my yearbooks. Instead of a single headshot per student seniors had a whole page to do with as they pleased and juniors and down had half a page. Most kids made collages, wrote down quotes, shout outs to friends, etc. If I can get ahold of a scanner I will definitely copy mine to show ya’ll I promise.


Hair: Truth Harmony – Gingers

Ears: Mandala Unisex Steking Ears Season 5

Shirt: :Moon Amore: Deliah Shirt – Pastels (Chapter 4)

Pose: Izzie’s Headshot Poses

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