One of my absolute favorite games to play on my PS3 is Assassin’s Creed so I was super excited when I tp’d into the new Fantasy Gacha and saw this amazing outfit by TURB. I know a lot of people like to grab their pitchforks when it comes to certain gacha events but my belief is gacha’s are all about gambling. You are gambling your 50 to 100L that you’re gonna hit the jackpot (rares). Yes it sucks pumping a thousand linden into one machine and still not getting what you’re hoping for but thats the name of the game. Gacha! There were a couple machines I just could not win at even trying to get the commons, and then there were a few I got rares after a couple pulls (which I’m willing to trade you can find my list here.) But all in all I was very happy with what I was able to win and very inspired by the designers.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair – Reds

Scar: Corvus Cheek Scars

Top: TURB – The Rogue Assassin Top  (FGC)

Accessories: TURB – The Rogue Original Accessories (FGC)

Bottoms: TURB – The Rogue Original Bottom (FGC)

Daggers: Ariskea [Aka] Rogue Daggers Unisex (FGC)

Pose: Rack Poses – Rogue (FGC)

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