Elf Forest

elf forest2

Don’t you love the first of the month?? We have so many amazing events happening just this week alone I’m gonna be a busy bee trying to get into all of them. On the first alone we had The Arcade, Oneword, Fameshed and Whore Couture Fair 4.  Oneword‘s theme this round is fairytales which I’m sure is a very popular theme right now with Spring almost upon us. And Black Tulip is always one of my favorite stores to check out at events because she always goes slightly into the darker direction. This month she has for us the Dark Fairy pose set. Or actually sets, four sets to be exact. Two stands and two sits. Both the stands sets come with a floating magic sphere, mirrors and pose huds.

elf forest

The next event I’m excited about coming up is on the 5th, The Fantasy Room. Les Encantades is also bringing us a new release called Delia. This sexy dress comes in azur, ruby and topaz. I also wanted to show off a few photos I took at Elf Forest, I’m not much of a landscape photographer but hey, I tried my best.

elf forest3 elf forest4

Hair: Damselfly Morrsy – Light Reds (FaMeshed)

Skin: Izzie’s Qopi Skin – Rose & Appliers

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara


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