The Magician

The Magician

Fantasy Faire is finally open! I was unbelievably excited this year to be accepted as a blogger, it has been one of my top goals since I first started this site. For my first post of many I wanted to show off this amazing outfit from Gauze. The Alchemist comes complete with both tops, pauldrons, pants, belt and boots in standard sizes. You can also pick up the Alchemist staff while there. I am currently using the Mana staff. It comes with different options to either hold or wear on your back. Which I thought would look great with the release from Black Tulip called The Magician. It also comes with a staff prop and/or Blue Magic Orbs for your hands showing above. Fantasy Faire is only open for a couple weeks so make sure it’s at the top of your destination lists. Landmarks are listed below.


Ichi-go Ichi-e



Spires of Andolys

Sylvan of Spells

Tangleshimmer Grove




Hair: Analog Dog Hair – Sola Light Reds (FF2015)

Skin: Lumae:: Alaska – Tone 1 – Icing//Bare

Body: Slink Physique v2.3.1

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