A Look Back at 2015

Look Back

With a brand new year just about to start I wanted to take a look back at my favorite posts of 2015. Although I feel like I have come such a long way in just a year, I know I could do so much better. Especially where it concerns writing. Even if it’s just a simple paragraph I want to try harder this year to at least come up with a few sentences to accompany each blog post.

There were and are so many amazing people that helped me along the way and I wanted to give a quick shout-out to them. First, Caitlin Tobias for teaching me so much about social marketing, advertising and being a general bad ass. The SLBloggerSupport Group for always being willing to help out a fellow blogger whether it be finding the perfect spot for photos or trying desperately to figure out where a certain hair/clothing/pose came from. My best friend Anny for always being there through the tough times and always willing to jump in a photo with me no matter what. And last but not least my sissy Nasima, for being the family that I’ve always wanted but didn’t have in RL.

I picked the photos above not just because I thought they came out well but also some of the stories behind them whether I was trying something new or I was trying to let out my feelings about what was going on around me.

January: Save The Last Dance I picked this one for two reasons. It was my 400th post and because it was really the beginning of my love affair with fantasy.

February: What Is This? This was actually my second time entering a photo contest and second time actually winning a photo contest. Starting me on a whole new obsession.

March: On My Way Second Life’s very own Hogwarts! I’m a huge Potter Fan (I just took my second trip back to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and was blown away by this magical sim.

April: The Magician A dream of mine had come true! I was an official blogger for The Fantasy Faire.

May: Men & Mascara I was going through a pretty crappy time not only in RL but in SL as well. My boyfriend and I were going through a really bad rough patch (we worked it out) and I had lost someone in SL who I thought was a friend.

June: Nightmare Because friends!

July: What you gonna do with all that trunk? I usually never change my skin or shape. So this was new to me and I loved the way it turned out. I’m glad I took the chance because I don’t think this picture would have looked better had I not.

August: Absolution Another new one for me! I had never done a “dark” or “creepy” photo before. But those wings! I still had to put my own style on it though with the gorgeous snowy background behind me.

September: Gen-Neutral Again another look that I had never tackled before. Being androgynous is not something anyone would ever think about me in RL. I very obviously have large breasts and curves, I’m pretty “girly” about my clothing choices and although I identify as bisexual I lean more towards male partners. So to have the opportunity in SL to discover this new side to me was amazing.

October: The Cursed Doll I had until that post mainly been taking photos out on the grid. I’ve always loved exploring Second Life and basing my posts on what was around me. But I felt the need to at least try and be more creative and upping my own decorating skills instead of relying on others.

November: Dream Lover Two reasons. I had finally (finally!) broken down and bought a mesh head and this photo was why. I had been wanting for so long to have a gorgeous closed eye look. And the second reason, my boyfriend was behind me the whole time with input about how the picture should look. He had finally changed his tune from “I don’t even understand SL” to “This is pretty fucking cool.”

December: My Guy My first solo male post. He had always been my arm candy, but I finally made him center of attention. I hope to be doing more men’s fashion posts in the future and bringing even more attention to all the fabulous male designers in Second Life.

Well, that’s that for 2015. I hope ya’lls was as wonderful and meaningful as mine was to me. And I hope that my other fellow comrades in blogging take this and run with it as well. If you do, please post your links below! Or post your collages in the flickr group.

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