Modern Stone Age Family


Something a little different to show off Genre’s newest round themed Prehistoric. I really wanted to show these awesome builds by Spot On, Velvet Whip and E-Mesh. Spot On’s Stone Age Home is a cute one room bungalow that looks just like something you would see in Bedrock. The only thing I would say is that I would’ve loved a garage to house Velvet Whip’s Cavemobile. The “car” comes in either static (with poses) or driveable and two different roof textures. And what makes any home complete? A kitty! E-mesh’s Sabertooth is sure to scare away all the burglars and it’s animated. It cycles through laying and standing and you can change the speed of how often he switches. Genre opens today at noon slt so grab the Betty to your Wilma or Barney to your Fred and head on down.