If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. – Paulo Coelho


The quote above is what this past year has taught me. After breaking up with an emotionally and psychologically manipulative ex-boyfriend. I thought for sure that I would never find anyone that would truly love me for me. I thought that maybe I had done some things in my life that were so horrible that karma was coming back to get me. Maybe I deserved it. I don’t talk about my family a lot. But for the sake of understanding, this is how I was raised to believe. Growing up whenever I made a new friend or had a new boyfriend, my grandmother would tell me “They are only using you.” “For what”, I asked. “My money.” She said. Apparently that was all people thought about according to her. Getting close to me to steal her money. We weren’t even rich and still aren’t. Whenever I broke with then said boyfriend she say “See I told you they were just using you.” It might have been true. I might not also. It could be I am now so paranoid that I couldn’t have possibly trusted someone that much to know for sure. But for now I’d rather believe that I will find someone who loves me (crazy family and all). And I believe I already met him. Someone who I took care of when they needed it and now is taking care of me now that I need it. He didn’t run away when I lost my job or when I was in so deep with my depression I could barely get out of bed to cook or clean. He did however bring me kittens and tell me it will all be ok. So maybe she was wrong afterall. Maybe I’m more than just her money.

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Assembly Line


We are, we are more then our scars

We are, we are more than the some of our parts


This wasn’t my best year by far. After being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease and losing my job I wasn’t really in a christmas mood. I put up a bare tree (cats = no ornaments) and a wreath, but that was the extint of it. I obviously wasn’t going to be able to give any presents. So when I heard about RandomKindness on plurk I was super excited. I was able to nominate my best friend for a surprise gift card thankfully. And for myself I sent he/she a notecard for my christmas wish. I want to just be able to keep blogging. I didn’t exactly know what I was asking for. But what I got in return has been incredible. One of my gifts is a joint post shared with Caitlin Tobias. She has been amazing, helping me most of the day and giving me tips for my blog. Stuff that I haven’t thought of or just was to chicken to actually do but need to do.  We both have such different styles that at first it seemed kind of daunting to come up with something we could both post about then Caity suggested Vanessa Blaylock’s new challenge Avatar In A Box. And since I’m still in love with wearing my physique body I really wanted to be naked for it 😉

On Caitlin:

Body: The Mesh Project Body – DeLuxe
Skin (face): Glam Affair – Artemis Pearl – The Last Days 05 (event skin at Uber in September/November)
Skin applier for body: Glam Affair – Petal (from their mainstore)
Lipstick: (NO) High Definition – Red
Hair: Little Bones – Snow Spell I – in light blonde
Neck Tattoo: ‘Tangled web we weave’ by Little Pricks
Pubic hair: Tokyo Girl  – Bushy-style

Shape: by Caitlin Tobias (not available)

Box: .tarte. packing box 1

On Trixie:

Body: Slink Physique v1.4
Skin: Izzie’s Neva – Peach
Skin Applier: AMA Shattered
Hair: little bones Alien – ink Dipped
Make-Up: MONS Eyeliner Lux & BOOM Love My Eyes Liner/Mascara
Septum Ring: MONS Style 15 – Black

Shape: My own.

Pose: Double Take – With The Wind


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